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TOP MUSEUM Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

We totalled in Yebisu Garden Place as general art museum about first photograph and picture in Japan in January, 1995 (Heisei 7), and Tokyo Photographic Art Museum was opened. We introduce domestic and foreign superior photographs, picture works mainly on various plans exhibition in three exhibition rooms and halls.

Image: Tokyo Photographic Art Museum

NOW SHOWING exhibition and the screening

FACILITIES facility information

  • Facility information 1
    Mainly on domestic and foreign books about photograph and picture, we have exhibition pictorial record of Tokyo Photographic Art Museum, exhibition-related product including original goods. Precious ancient book and overseas collection of photographs, art-related goods are fulfilling.
    TEL: 03-6447-7684
  • Facility information 2
    Maison ichi
    We offer rich menus such as bread or homemade terrine to make from Hokkaido wheat and liquid natural yeast. For break after appreciation or wait, please use casually.
    TEL: 03-6277-3862
  • Facility information 3
    Library room
    Mainly on collection of photographs, we collect book, domestic and foreign information including technical periodical about exhibition catalogue, history of photograph criticism, photograph, picture history widely and open to the public. If it is person using possession information about our room, anyone can use free.
  • Facility information 4
    In studio having darkroom facilities, picture-related workshop, school program perform exhibition-related event other than the various education spread activity photograph.

DETAILS facility guidance

Facility map
Business hours 10:00-18:00 ※Admission until 30 minutes before closing time
Closed days Every Monday (in the case of holiday, Monday is opened and is closed on weekdays, the following day),
Year-end and New Year and temporary closed day
Viewing charges Rate varies according to exhibition, the screening.
Phone number 03-3280-0099
URL (the outside site)
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