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The Museum of YEBISU Yebisu Beer Memorial

Since release of 1890, "the Yebisu Beer Memorial" opened on February 25, 2010 that was turning point of Yebisu Beer birth 120 years when we had you drink habitually more than the times.
It is facility which named brand of product alone which is rare in Japan, and our memorial is amusement facility which you can enjoy to not only Yebisu fan, beer fan but also wide customer enough.
"Tasting salon" which can enjoy Yebisu Beer that "Yebisu tour" (there is 40 minutes, pay, sampling in the time required) that can know the history and product of Yebisu varies knows all of Yebisu in hall including "museum shop" which original goods are full of and can enjoy.

Image: The Yebisu Beer Memorial

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FACILITIES facility information

  • Facility information 1
    Yebisu tour
    While brand communicator who is expert of Yebisu explains the history and great erudition, method to drink Yebisu deliciously, it is guided tour that drinks two kinds of Yebisu, and can compete.
  • Facility information 2
    Tasting salon
    You offer "snacks" and "light meal" matching Yebisu and can enjoy with various Yebisu Beer. There is beer cocktail of snacks and Yebisu of limitation, too.
  • Facility information 3
    Museum shop
    Museum shop which has a lot of Yebisu Beer Memorial original goods. There is product which Ebisu is pounding and is popular as souvenir and present as handsel.
  • Facility information 4
    About foreign language correspondence, barrier-free correspondence
    English translation is included all in menu of the history and tasting salon of Yebisu following more than 120 years. We can learn the Japanese history or culture through Yebisu, too.

DETAILS facility guidance

Facility map
Opening time From 11:00 to 19:00 (as for the admission until 18:30)
Closed days Every Monday (in the case of holiday the next day), the year-end and New Year holidays, temporary closed days
Admission charges Free of charge
Yebisu tour Free of charge lower than 500 yen for adults, under junior high student - 20 years old 300 yen, primary schoolchild
As for adult, Yebisu Beer two cups sampling is with. Under 20 years old, please swallow up drinking water.
Phone number 03-5423-7255
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