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To customer gathering in town of mature adult
Fragrance of culture chosen from the world is high
We offer picture work

With "& CINEMA - Gokan, see way of enjoying new movie theaters with town; of culture that selected from the world, and was superior in customer who gathered in concept in tsukeyo ..." in street of mature adult is fragrant, and provide high picture work. In addition, we aim at new movie theater where it is in the form where various elements are tied to organically by showing various contents including conduct of ODS such as drama, musical, concert as well as movie.

Image: Cinema

Work during NOW SHOWING exhibition

FACILITIES facility information

  • Facility information 1
    We experience supreme bliss with little luxury
    To better-quality movie life
    Original foods menu and collaboration menu with various celebrity shop which "TRANSIT crew" with many results produces at various parties are development
  • Facility information 2
    "Private sheet"
    Appreciation space that can be relaxed without minding people
    It is seat of limitation that used distance with front and seat of right and left luxuriously. We offer only in CINEMA1.
    ※It is out of various discount applications, and 2,000 yen is uniform
  • Facility information 3
    Couple 50 discount
    Of 2200 yen for 2 people customer of appreciation with work of equivalence, the time in couples 50 years or older either
    ※Take thing which can prove age.
  • Facility information 4
    Member's card
    CLUB-SPICE member card that a lot of advantageous services are received. You can appreciate for member D movie one 1,000 yen every Friday.
    ※Enrollment fee 500 yen

DETAILS facility guidance

Facility map
Business hours It varies according to works.
& CAFE from 10:00 to 18:00
Entrance rate Adult 1,800 yen
University student, high school student 1,500 yen (we need the presentation of student identification card)
Junior high student (we need the presentation of student identification card), primary schoolchild, infant (3 years old - 6 years old) 1,000 yen
Private sheet (the discount application outside, flat rates various only in CINEMA1) 2,000 yen

The details are this
Phone number 0570-783-715 (automatic sound guidance)
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