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The Garden Hall / The Garden Room

Impression appropriate for town.
Space appropriate for impression.

HALL Theater shows aging degree of city and projects quality of various event programs expressed there. Music, picture, art, exhibition…In every field, space appropriate for the performance is required. Location and environment that are located at one corner of Yebisu Garden Place. System, function, design which constitute own space. There is provided with facilities appropriate for the best performance including music system proud of adoption of the rollback of protectionism chair stands and high quality. Location of town called Ebisu, refined city characteristics, "The Garden Hall" and "The Garden Room", besides, to describe non-daily life in.
Wish for impression to be provided here being carved with in heart of coming person deeply.

Image: Cinema

Event held in EVENT few days

FACILITIES facility information

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    The garden hall
    Venue approximately 640 square meters in area, theater form 732 seats, the standing 1,500 accommodation.
  • Facility information 2
    The garden room
    308 seats of venue approximately 265 square meters in area theater forms, standing 500 accommodation.
  • Facility information 3
    Party package
    For various places where party holding such as seminar / meeting or social gathering is examined, we show around advantageous plan.
  • Facility information 4
    Rental space
    We place information about rental space.

DETAILS facility guidance

Facility map
Business hours It varies according to events.
Charge It varies according to events.
Phone number 03-5424-0111
URL Guide of rental space is this
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