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The first floor of Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography basement exhibition room

Michael Kenna photo exhibition

Period: From Saturday, December 1 to Sunday, January 27
We hold first Japanese retrospective show of Michael Kenna known as one of the world's best scenery photographers.
By book exhibition, we choose masterpiece from carrier of kenna for 45 years and display. There are many his beloved Japanese photographs which came almost every year, and it is exhibition to include for many years. In addition, kenna wrestles on not only beautiful scenery description but also social theme of many nuclear power generation or factory zones to become outdated, and to go to and we hang time for approximately 12 years from 1988 and carry out shooting of concentration camp 28 point of Nazi Germany and we donate 300 points of prints and negatives to the French Government and are presented with art culture Chevallier chapter. We exhibit this repeated cultivation "Impossible to Forget" as display for the first time in particular this time in Japan.
Michael Kenna photo exhibition
Closed days: We are closed on Tuesday (holiday) on January 1 from every Monday (but we are opened on Monday (holiday) on (month, shinkyu) and January 14 on December 24 and are closed on Tuesday, December 25 and Tuesday, January 15), year-end and New Year Saturday, December 29
Rate: It is 600(480) Japanese yen general 1,000 (800) Japanese yen / student 800(640) Japanese yen / junior and senior high school students, 65 years old or older
※() This discounts group rate, movie viewing ticket adducer of hall more than 20 people, various card member discounts, hall year Passport adducer discount (discount to companion one person) (please refer to use information for official site) lower than / primary schoolchild and junior high student of Tokyo residence, attendance at school, having obstacle and the caregiver free on / third Wednesday 65 years old or older free 
※Rate normal for Wednesday, January 2, three days on Thursday
Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
Michael Kenna photo exhibition
White Bird Flying, Paris, France, 2007 ©Michael Kenna / RAM
Michael Kenna photo exhibition
Kussharo Lake Tree, Study 2, Kotan, Hokkaido, Japan. 2005 ©Michael Kenna / RAM
Michael Kenna photo exhibition
Mont St. Michel, France. 1991 ©Michael Kenna / RAM
Michael Kenna photo exhibition
Taushubetsu Bridge, Nukabira, Hokkaido, Japan. 2008 ©Michael Kenna / RAM
Michael Kenna photo exhibition
Empire State Building, Study 6, New York, USA. 2010 ©Michael Kenna / RAM
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