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Ebisu garden cinema

At the time of Basquiat, teenage last

Period: Saturday, December 22 exhibition
Jean = Michel Basquiat who became wonder boy from street of NY, and became important Aristrist of the 20th century.
This product which memorializes 30 years after the death, and was produced approaches in the truth we focus on society and art, movement of NY in the 1970-80 generation before Basquiat who left the world with youth of 27 years old gets fame, and how genius Aristrist was born.
Patricia Field and others of movie director Jim Jarmusch and fashion designer appear, too.
How was artist who continued stimulating people still born? Manager Sara Driver who spent the same times in NY spins story of Basquiat with picture and music that are art. Secret of genius is revealed now for 30 years by too early death―
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At the time of Basquiat, teenage last
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