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Lobby lounge the lounge

[lobby lounge]
Lobby lounge the lounge
Westin Hotel Tokyo 1F
Lobby lounge the lounge


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Lobby lounge the lounge
Lobby lounge the lounge
Lobby lounge the lounge
Teatime when is blissful in spite of being view in "Westin garden."
"The lounge" of special space that solid pillar and expensive ceiling and flower and "Westin garden" filled with green can overlook. Calm atmosphere is most suitable for meeting and conversing with with friend. Please enjoy Afternoon Tea and cocktail elegantly.
Phone number 03-5423-7287 (9:00-22:30)
Business hours 10:00-22:30
URL Formal HP (the outside site)
GOURNAVI (the outside site)
Light meal (10:30 ...), coffee 1,100 yen ... (tax, service charges)
The number of seats 87 seats Takeout Nothing
Pet Impossibility Non-smoking section Entirely non-smoking
Private room Unavailable Reservation Possible
Wheelchair Possible Stroller Possible
Remarks Recommended menu example
"Afternoon Tea" (Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays) 3,800 yen (tax, service charges)
"Tower in evening" (only on weekdays) 3,500 yen (tax, service charges)

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