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To bottom of light to repeat time, and to rise, and to go for. Form 11.3sat.~2019.1.14mon. of Baccarat ETERNAL LIGHTS joy Chandelier of French crystal brand Baccarat which continues succeeding to tradition and innovation of the lighting 250 rest of life by lighting-type timing on 11:00~24:00 November 3 is appearance this year in center open space. Please appreciate the one of the world's largest beauty proud of approximately 5m in height, approximately 3m in width, crystal parts total number 8,472 pieces, light total number 250 light to in front. We give fantastic light of Baccarat chandelier which we can feel to be only in Yebisu Garden Place this winter. MORE

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WINTER ILLUMINATIONS 11.3sat.~2019.2.28thu. Lighting Yebisu Garden Place lights up by light of champagne gold of approximately 100,000 pitches by lighting-type timing on 16:00~24:00 November 3. Christmas tree of approximately 10m in height that red ornament glistens with in clock open space invites. Christmas tree of clock open space until Tuesday, December 25. Center open space, illuminations of city wall until January 14, 2019 Monday (holiday) MORE

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It is introduction of Christmas event held in Instagram campaign &PHOTO spot Yebisu Garden Place. MORE

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Christmas Marchais 11.3sat.~2018.12.25tue. It is Marchais lined with huts (mountain hut) reflecting the image of Christmas market held in 11:00~20:00 Yebisu Garden Place clock open space various parts of Europe. Please enjoy shopping of Christmas miscellaneous goods and marionette drama exhibition with marionette drama writer orange parfait. MORE

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